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• Type of paper - Research/Review paper
• *Subject (Pharmaceutical Sciences / Medicine / Biological Sciences) and branch of the manuscript
• Undertaking statement of the animal study conduction in accordance of the relevant ethical committee
• Undertaking statement that this manuscript is not under consideration for publication in any other journal

*Manuscript can be under any of the subjects OR any other subjects or branches related to Medicine and Pharmaceutical sciences.
Medical Sciences Branches
» General Medicine
» Public health & hygiene
» Tropical diseases
» Endocrinology
» Anatomy
» Neurology
» Dermatology
» Orthopedics
» Organ transplantation
» Oncology
» Pathology
» Haematology
» Nephrology
» Gynecology
» Ophthalmology
» Pediatrics
» Radiology
» Medical Biotechnology
Pharmaceutical Sciences Branches
» Pharmaceutics
» Pharmacology
» Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry
» Pharmaceutical Chemistry
» Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
» Pharmacy practice
» Pharmacogenomics
» Medicinal Chemistry
» Molecular Pharmacology
» Novel drug delivery system
» Nanotechnology
» Analytical Chemistry
» Organic Chemistry
» Natural Chemistry
» Polymer Sciences
» Clinical Pharmacy
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